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September the 10th 2015 was World Suicide Prevention Day and as many of you will know, life has not been easy for me throughout my adult years.  But I have made it through by putting my trust in our Lord Jesus

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When I face my Goliaths or my storms in the sea of Galilee , I have learnt through the years  to quietly  recite my mantra “ God is good, God is loving , God is powerful  and He love me”  until  it seeps into my consciousness .

I read Joni Eareackson Tada’s book , a Christian quadriplegic (paralysed from neck downwards) way back in the 80s and have watched her life closely since.  Her ups and downs inspire me and put to shame my petty complaints as I watched her relentlessly cling to Jesus. And I was overjoyed when  He  blessed  her  with a husband,  decades  later (one of her wish lists).   She is still a quadriplegic but she has a career, a business, she is educated, has a wonderful extended family, caring and intimate friends and now a husband. She is contented  and knows that life is a test, a trust and temporary and she knows she will definitely be healed one day either on earth but if not definitely in heaven.

So when you feel  down  and life’s blows hit you from the left , right and centre just read her testimony  (her book can be found in any good bookshop worldwide or on Amazon) “In this world you will have trouble but take heart I have overcome the world” says Jesus.   With Christ in the vessel we’ll smile at the storm.   None of us really know why evil and suffering exist, but we know,  there is a God  who lets us know that it is necessary because He came down from His throne to live the life of a carpenter in human form, to endure with us all the ups and down of life on earth because of His great LOVE for us.  “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life” Not only did He come to us, He gave us HOPE of a life after death . So people like Joni, me and you, have the assurance that this pain we endure is temporary, enabling us to cope and live a life of contentment no matter what storms we are going through.

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Rick Warren in his book the Purpose Driven Life says it all, Life is a test, a trust and temporary.


So you might ask how can a modern day intelligent person like me get this peace in the midst of tumult.  It’s the gift of the Holy Spirit the 3rd Person of the Trinity given to us once we confess our sins, repent (completely and genuinely turn away from) and accept the Lord Jesus into our lives as our Lord, Master, Friend, and Lover of our souls.  This Holy Spirit is the One who gives peace of mind despite tumult all around. He directs, guides, teaches, admonishes and comforts, He never forces, for He is LOVE , the  3RD Person of the Trinity .

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Basilica of Our Lady of Peace in Yamoussoukro Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire)

If you are struggling with life and want to know more, first pray to the true God, then go to a Christian church He leads you to, listen to a Christian radio station (www.premier.org.uk ), attend an Alpha course (can be found in churches worldwide www.alpha.org ) For God has promised that when you seek Him with all your heart, mind and soul He will be found. Read the Christian bible. Pattern your life on Jesus Christ for the church is a group of imperfect people trying to follow a perfect God.  For Christ choses to nurture and grow us via the broken vessel of the church.



4 Birthmarks of a True Christian


1.       A forgiving spirit

2.       A loving heart

3.       A righteous life

4.       A hunger for doing life the right way according to the bible and the Holy Spirit’s leading


None of us quite live up to these completely but that why we need the GRACE of God and the God who sees the heart and knows us better than we know ourselves.


October Prayer points requests

·         World Suicide Prevention Day 10/09/15. Prayer for all those depressed and contemplating suicide

·         Our sister Franca in Tanzania’s request “ Can everybody please pray for Tanzania elections in October there is lots of confusion and lots of uncertainty and fear all over the country . The candidate for the CCM party left that party and joined the opposition party and people are very confused .  Can you please pray that God will choose our next president . These elections will really be very decisive for the future of Tanzania !!! Thank you



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·         Need a group of committed Christians to commit to covering AHIC in prayer



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GOD BLESS and THANK YOU Prayer For Africa Friends.



If you believe

And I believe

And we together pray

The Holy Spirit will come down

And Africa will be saved




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