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Our Projects

Our Current Projects:


“The Sherbros of Sierra Leone”, a book publishing project, about an industrious African tribe/people who are disappearing as they assimilate into neighbouring societies, written by an African author. This is part of our “Enlightenment” projects because it enlightens the reader (African or not) to the industrious nature of these amazing and adaptable people, and can inspire the next generation of great Africans.


We are building teams in Sierra Leone and Guinea with the help of the global giant ForeverLiving Products. Promoting healthy living and a genuine business opportunity for Africans. Getting a worldwide market at your doorstep.


Together with a local charity Jasie and Sorba Children Foundation we support children orphaned by the decade long war in Sierra Leone in the 90s and further devastated by the outbreak of the Ebola disease in 2014.


A business with a difference, aimed at educating the next generation to question, think and solve their own problems. Joan is a Nigerian lady residing in Lagos who dreams of expanding her primary school with a difference, teaching students to understand the facts of life, science, maths etc rather than memorising theories. She plans to make an impact for good by empowering the young to reach their full potential.  AHIC is committed to helping her achieve this noble dream. Our pledge is to do everything we can to make it a reality. To this end we will be offering raffle tickets and holding a raflle draw in May 2018. We welcome your support. Call us on 07506229064. 

If you would like to learn more about our projects, come on board as supporters or partners or be informed on progress, then get in touch here or email yma@ahic.org.uk

Our Completed Projects:

Our project for a physically ill Malawian lady living in Manchester UK, AHIC pressurised an unwilling housing association to renovate the badly damaged structure of the lady’s premises, called in the pest control department to fumigate the premises and arranged with a local linked good neighbours befriending agency to befriend and visit. We have installed a carpet for her previously bare boarded living room floor, ensuring warmth this winter.(This was a grant).


One of our entrepreneurial project was giving financial assistance to a Sierra Leonean musician based in Bo, Sierra Leone to produce an album of 12 African inspired gospel songs.

Our Pending Projects:

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