Calling All Prayer Warriors

Calling All Prayer Warriors

Welcome to February’s newsletter all Prayer for Africa warriors.


Over the last year we have been praying for different problems in different African countries, so we have decided led by the Holy Spirit and James 2v14-26 “What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds?”, to move on into putting our faith into action.  We have decided to set up a charity called Africa Hopes in Christ designed to play it’s part in Africa’s spiritual and commercial development and our Prayer for Africa support group will continue to prayer for Africa’s problems and cover the charity’s activities in prayer.


We aim to provide:

  • Business Loans and Mentoring   
  • Infra- structure funding
  • Health systems funding
  • Marriage and Family support
  • Local churches overseeing all local activities


Our goals and values are

INTEGRITY              LOVE               PROVISION




Our desire is to MAKE A DIFFERENCE and we believe that

Together We Can


    • Business Loans and Mentoring

Black hand and white in shirt cuffs and suit visible shaking


Africans have a massive amount of talent and resources. However lack of knowledge, encouragement and funds hinder many intelligent Africans from achieving their God-given potential.


      • Infra-structure funding  Africa according to the African Development Bank is growing economically by leaps and bounds but poor infra structure such as lack of roads, trains, electricity, internet and good tele communication etc are greatly needed to assist continued growth.


      • Health systems funding


Black female doctor and white male medic



Incidences like AIDS AND Ebola ,lack of clean water and sanitation has continued to cripple Africa and until good health systems are in place, prosperity remains a myth.

    • Marriage and Family support

Black and mixed race family with all generations beautiful and smiling



The smallest unit of a civilized community is the family. Strengthening family ties, supporting Christian marriages and the bringing up of the next generation in a Godly and Christlike manner is a necessity for all peoples including Africans


  • Local churches overseeing all local activities


We have decided that the best way to provide assistance is through the local churches, where we can find committed Christians with a passion for their people and directed by the HOLY SPIRIT of CHRIST


Why support AHIC?

  • We will liaise with Africans at every step of the process resulting in sustainable and effective assistance


  • We will make every effort to understand the culture of every African country we work in treating everyone with dignity and respect


  • We appreciate the fact that Africans have many talents and resources at their disposal and that’s all that is sometimes needed is encouragement and access to funds


  • Our values of integrity, love and provision permeate throughout all our activities


  • All local churches will be carefully selected by recommendation , vetted and agree to be monitored by a multi national accountancy firm operating in the particular country to ensure effective use of funds


  • We will provide transparent financial accounts and activities on our website and  monthly newsletter. At present we are still developing our website which will be when completed


  • We aim to play our part in Africa’s spiritual and commercial development. The Prayer for Africa support group covers all the charity’s activities in prayer.


We have been inspired by organisations such as Release who practically help and pray for the persecuted church worldwide,  Tearfund who seek to eliminate poverty wherever it finds it and non Christian organisations like AVAAZ (group of socially conscious ordinary people) who campaign successfully against  injustice, inhumane and  unfair practises worldwide. Being a part of these organisations has given us courage and a deep desire to do something likewise.


However not only organisations but our  heroes have been individuals like Joni Eareackson Tada, a quadriplegic (paralysed from the neck downwards) who stubbornly clung to the Lord Jesus Christ during the darkest periods of her life and years later, went to college, managed a bookshop, is a public speaker, manages a charity providing wheelchairs for the 3rd world disabled and married the man of her dreams.


Looking back and taking inspiration from these people we believe with God anything is possible and my motto is “With Christ in the vessel we will smile at the storm”  So with much trepidation I ask you to join me make a success of Africa Hopes in Christ.  We are  at the moment in the process of registering the charity with the charity commission, setting up a website, social media presence , bank account and contacting our contacts in Africa. We propose to start activities in Sierra Leone, Ghana and South Africa. Starting with funding and mentoring  local business people with great business ideas.



What Can You Do?

1. Pray for Charity Commission Registration success as this is the most important issue at present


2. Donate ( We are in the process of setting up a charity bank account but in the meantime please contact Ymaon 01895 270505 or 07506229064with your donations if so led by the Holy Spirit)


3. Volunteer your expertise :  We need Fundraisers, Church /Connect Group AHIC Representative, Graphic Designers, Website Designers,  Africa Experts,  people with a knowledge of charity administration, Accountants with charity expertise, Solicitors with charity expertise, Business  mentors  etc.  All welcome Contact  Yma at 01895 270505 or




07506229064/ 01895 270505        


God Bless AND THANKYOU Prayer For Africa Friends.


All our love


Yma and Prayer For Africa Friends



If you believe

And I believe

And we together pray

The Holy Spirit will come down

And Africa will be saved

Welcome Prayer Partners,

Welcome Prayer Partners,

2015 will be  an exciting year for Prayer for Africa and the charity it supports Africa Hopes in Christ.  We have some great plans and we need your support and prayers greatly. January is the month that sets the tone for the rest of the year and we have some suggestions for you to include in your New Year resolution list.


1.Pray for a swift resolution of the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.  Thank God for good news Liberia and Guinea seem to have the disease under control and will very soon be declared Ebola free. However Sierra Leone has a long way to go before they crack Ebola’s back.


2.Donate if you can to organisations that are engaged in the fight against Ebola and/or


3.Take a particular country in Africa and pray for it’s President, Cabinet and Parliament


1)Sierra Leone – Ernest Koroma                                     2)Liberia – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

3)Guinea – Alpha Conde                                                   4)Ivory Coast – AlassaneOuattara

5)Nigeria – Goodluck Jonathan                                       6)Ghana – John Mahama

7)Togo – Faure Gnassingbe                                              8)Benin – YayiBoni

9)Gambia – YahyaJammeh                                             10)Senegal – MackySall

11)Mali – Ibrahim  Kuta                                                   12) Burkina Faso – Blaise Compeore

13)Niger – MafiamadouIssoufou                                    14)Chad – IdrissDeby

15)Mauritania – Mohammed Aziz                                  16)South Sudan – SalvaMayardi

17)Congo – Joseph Kabila                                                18)Congo Brazaville – Dennis Nguasso

19) Cameron – Paul Biya                                                   20)CAR – Michel Djotodia

21)Eq. Guinea –  TeodoroMasoso                                    22)Gabon – Ali Ondimbe

23)Guinea Bissau – Jose Vaz                                           24)Soa Tome – Manuel da Costa

25)Cape Verde – Jose Fonsica                                         26)Uganda – YoweriMusiveni

27)Kenya – UhuraKenyetta                                              28)Ethiopia – MuletuTeshome

29)Somali – Hassan Muhamud                                       30)Eritrea – Isaias Afewerki

31)Burundi – Pierre Nkurunzru                                       32)Rwanda – Paul Kajame

33)Zambia – Michael Sata                                                 34)Tanzania – JakeyaKikwita

35)Malawi – Peter Mutherika                                           36)Angola – Jose dos Santos

37)Namibia – HifikepunyePofambe                                 38)Zimbabwe – Robert Mugabe

39)Botswana – Ian Khama                                                  40)South Africa – Jacob Zuma

41)Swaziland – King Mswati 111                                         42)Lesotho – King Letsie 111

43)Mozambique – Armando Guebuza                               44)Comoros – IkililouDhoinine

45)Madagascar – HeryRajaonarimampianina




4. Write to your MP and state your support for the UK agreed pledge of 0.7% of her GNP in aid to developing countries. ( a large part of which will go to African countries)



5. Take a particular country in Africa that persecutes Christians and has a raising problem with Islamic militants and pray for safety, security and deliverance for it’s people


1)Nigeria              2)Kenya               3)Somali               4)Eritrea               5) South Sudan



6. Donate if you can to organisations that support the persecuted church

Release International –

Christian Solidarity Worldwide –


7. Pray for the economies of African countries

1) Continuing inter African trade

2) Improved infra- structure that supports increase trade in Africa

3) G7 World leaders to support and help fund Africa’s desire to escape poverty



8. Pray for integrity and real commitment to Christianity by the African people

(Love God with all your heart, mind and soul and your neighbour as yourself)

(If you have  love for one another by this shall all men know that you are my disciples)


9. Pray for the Youth  of Africa

1)Their Education and Careers

2)Their Faith

3)For Integrity

4)For healthy minds and body

5)For healthy marriages according to the Christian ideal –one man one woman partnership

6)For healthy  parental examples for next generation


10. Pray for  Marriages in Africa


2) Fidelity

3)Good Communication Skills

4) Integrity , Honesty and Trust between man and wife

5)An end to the AIDS epidemic


11.  Commit to praying for Africa Hopes in Christ

Commit to attending Prayer for Africa monthly meetings

Commit to financially supporting  the charity Africa Hopes in Christ

Next Edition February newsletter explains all the plans and aspirations of Africa Hopes in

Christ for 2015



Please choose one or more of the above requests and make them  your resolution for 2015.


God blessings to ALL. Next Prayer for Africa Monthly meeting is on Sunday the 1stMarch  at HTB 24/7 prayer room between 2pm and 4pm. We will be Listening for A WORD from our Lord Jesus Christ.


If you believe

And I believe

And we together pray

The Holy Spirit will come down

And Africa will be saved