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To our November 2016  Newsletter

In this edition we are launching our new online  bookshop, inviting you all, to browse and not only enrich yourselves and your loved ones but support a good cause at the same time. 

AHIC is dedicated to not only alleviating but totally eradicating   poverty from the face of Africa forever. For Africa to be the poorest continent in the world with the richest store of raw materials needed by the world is a travesty of justice.   We believe that Africans are capable of greatness, and we see our role as helping them help themselves be, do and accomplish greatness.   So, at AHIC, we help Africans help themselves, and we do this in 4 ways – http://www.ahic.org.uk/about-us  with Christian values permeating everything we do.

  1. Interest free business loans, coupled with mentorship
  2. Infra Structure funding
  3. Health systems funding
  4. Marriage & Family support

And our Bookshop reflects these core goals

Please help us help Africans uplift themselves out of poverty into prosperity and enrich yourself, your children and friends at the same time by buying a book from us. www.ahic.org.uk/shop

You are invited to receive periodic news and updates about what we are up to,  please request to be updated  http://www.ahic.org.uk/update-me

Support our projects with either a donation or a regular standing order http://www.ahic.org.uk/support-ahic/

Buy a book on our online bookstore, we have a selection of Christian, inspirational, Black culture and Marriage & Family books     http://www.ahic.org.uk/shop/ all proceeds go to support our projects.

Together We Can

Christian Books

Mere Christianity by CS Lewis

mere-christianity-aA  book for the seeking, intelligent individual looking for meaning and wanting to know if Christianity has the answers by an UK Oxford and Cambridge university professor. Please buy this ideal book as a Christmas present, for your unbelieving agnostic friends and acquaintances who genuinely want to understand your faith and why you believe.







The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

the-purpose-driven-life-aA criminal bust into a Christian lady’s home ready to rape her and steal her possessions. She said a short quiet prayer and then went about discussing the 5 PURPOSES of Life, a book she had just finished reading written by Rick Warren. A lot of pertinent questions were asked and after what seem an eternity the criminal bowed his head and gave his life to Christ asking for forgiveness. And together they waited for the police to come.     Rick Warren, President Barak Obama’s chosen priest for his inauguration explains the biggest question most people have, WHY are we here on this planet earth? He gives us 5 good reasons sourced from God’s own love letter to the human race-The Bible

So if you or someone you know is searching for answers to why we exist, please buy them a present this Christmas, that would not only save their lives but also help AFRICANS HELP THEMSELVES  www.ahic.org.uk the  bookshop  proceeds go to Africa Hopes In Christ’s projects  www.ahic.org.uk/support-ahic  empowering entrepreneurship in Africa with Christian values embedded in all we do


What’s so amazing about Grace    by Philip Yancey

whats-so-amazing-about-grace-aThere is nothing we can do to make God love us more and nothing to make God love us less. The Christian faith, is God’s love for his undeserving creation, to the extent of sending His Son to be crucified in order to save us. Philip Yancey a Christian journalist gives us a probing look at GRACE , what it looks like or it doesn’t look like and why only Christians can reveal the GRACE the world is looking for, in this amazing bestseller of his.






African Culture Books: Help the younger generation feel pride in their race and culture. Buy these books for yourself or your teenager struggling with his or her identity in a western environment or even to understand a different culture explained to you by the people themselves.

Ake by Wole Soyinka

ake-xIt is often said, look at a boy aged 7 and behold the man. Wole Soyinka, Africa’s 1st and only Nobel Prize winner for Literature relates the story of his first 12 years of life in an African town. An interesting read for budding Nobel winners within your family and friendship circle.







Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

things-fall-apart-alChinua Achebe’s popular classic, is a GCSE prescribed book all over Africa and a prescribed textbook for the OCR & Edexel exam boards in the UK, It accurately depicts the Ibo, Nigerian culture before and during colonialism. Africa’s legal system, political structure, recreation, sports, family dynamics etc through an African family’s eyes. Achebe says it all,  the good and the bad.






Changes: A Love Story by Ama Ata Aidoo

changes-aSoon after her divorce, Esi falls in love with an attractive, married, wealthy man. A polygamous marriage is arranged, this modern lady finds herself facing a whole new set of unfamiliar problems. Modernity vs Traditional.  Ama Ata Aidoo, is a Ghanaian author, poet, playwright and academic. She was a Minister of Education, under Jerry Rawlings’ tenure






Half of a yellow sun by Chimamanda Adichie

half-of-a-yellow-sun-aWinner of The Bailey’s Prize “Best of the Best” & Winner of the Orange Broadband Prize for Fiction 2007, Now released as a film. In the 1960s Nigeria, Ugwu, a poor villager, Odenigbo,a  university professor, Olanna, a privileged young woman, Richard, an English writer & sharp-tongued Kainene intertwine against a background of civil war, their loves and loyalties pulled apart and collide in ways none of them could have imagined…






Marriage & Family Books

5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

the-5-languages-aDo you speak your partner’s love language or are you constantly misinterpreting each other? Do you know what touches the heart of your kids or even your colleagues at work? .  Why not start depositing into their emotional bank instead of withdrawing Learn how to understand the 5 main love languages. Most people have a mother tongue when it comes to accepting that their’re loved by another. Enrich your relationships and start identifying the language of your nearest and dearest and support a worthy cause at the same time.  Africa Hopes In Christ believes in the Christian family ideal and strengthening family ties, supporting Christian marriages and the upbringing of the next generation in a Godly and Christ-like manner





The Marriage Book by Nicky & Sila Lee

ahic-the-marriage-book-nsl41khtwcinrlHow can we be happily married to one person for the whole of our lives?  How do we resolve conflicts?  How can we discover and rediscover  sexual intimacy? Authors Nicky and Sila  are Christians, married  over 35 years with 3 children and a wealth of experience in family matters. A must read for all married couples and especially for those intending to enter matrimony, The ideal wedding gift






All these books can be found on www.ahic.org.uk/shop please enrich yourselves, your circle of family, friends and colleagues and support a worthy cause at the same time.  Africa Hopes In Christ at present has two project and several potential ones in the pipeline:

1.At present we have a Sierra Leonean  author for  whom AHIC  funds the publishing of his book  (This is a loan)   “The Sherbros of West Africa”, a book publishing project, about an industrious African tribe/people who are disappearing as they assimilate into neighbouring societies, written by an African author. This is part of our “Enlightenment” projects because it enlightens the reader (African or not) to the industrious nature of these amazing and adaptable people, and can inspire the next generation of great Africans.

2. A second live project for  a physically ill Malawian lady living in Manchester UK, AHIC has already pressurised an unwilling housing association to renovate the badly damaged structure of the lady’s premises, called in the pest control department to fumigate the premises and arranged with a local  linked good neighbours befriending agency to befriend and visit. We have installed a carpet for her previously bare boarded living room floor, ensuring warmth this winter.(This is a grant). And we intend to further carpet her hallway, and two bedrooms.

Potential projects in the pipeline are a clean water project in conjunction with an existing water charity already operating in West Africa, a school for street children and a competition for the best and brightest business ideas by young, up and coming African entrepreneurs.

November 2016   Prayer points requests

  • Tanzania needs prayer, protection against another situation similar to El Shabab & Boko Haram already in Kenya/Somali/Ethiopia border and Nigeria., Christian President John Magufuli, strikes a deal with Morocco that is worrying to the nation’s Christians – The building of 20 new mosques.
  • USA: for  a God ordained new president this November, who will exemplify the 5 purposes for mankind’s existence, the outcome of this election will impact the whole world for better or for worse. We pray that whoever is elected may embrace these 5 purposes:
    1. To honour and worship God Almighty – put a smile on God’s face with their lifestyle and words.
    2. To love other people like we love ourselves- Do unto others what you would like being done to you
    3. Imitate the character of Christ: love, joy, patience, goodness, gentleness, kindness, faithfulness. peacefulness & self control
    4. Make an impact for good in this world before they leave;  the GOOD of the whole world as well as the USA, where there is no place for xenophobia
    5. To spread the gospel of Christ by their words & actions: We shall know genuine Christians by their deeds

    Remembering that Life is a TEST,  a TRUST and is TEMPORARY

Africa Hopes In Christ news and prayer requests

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GOD BLESS and THANK YOU Prayer For Africa Friends.

If you believe

And I believe

And we together pray

The Holy Spirit will come down

And Africa will be saved


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