Africa Hopes in Christ

The Christian charity, for Africans, by Africans.
Andrew Juxon-Smith

Fund Raising Event for Nigerian School

A business with a difference, aimed at educating the next generation to question, think and solve their own problems.

Nelson Mandela

Health & Fitness Business Sponsored

We are building teams in Africa and worldwide with the help of global giant Foreverliving Products

Yaa Asantewaa

African Book Publishing Project

“The Sherbros of Sierra Leone”, a book publishing project, about an industrious African tribe/people who are disappearing as they assimilate into neighbouring societies, written by an African author.

Kwame Nkrumah

Housing Issue Solved

Our project for a physically ill Malawian lady living in Manchester UK, AHIC has installed a carpet for her previously bare boarded living room floor, ensuring warmth during winter

About Us

Africa Hopes In Christ (AHIC), was founded in 2015 by Yma Koomson. We believe there are 4 ways in which we can help Africans help themselves, and one way in which to spread that help… to provide this assistance through the local churches, where we can find committed Christians with a passion for their people and directed by the Holy Spirit of Christ. On the right, is a breakdown of how we, at AHIC, intend to spread our energy and effort across these four impact areas.

Yma Koomson

Founder and Chief Trustee

Founder of Africa Hopes in Christ, Yma Koomson is an economics graduate with over 12 years experience working in accountancy and finance, and a further 14 years as a self-employed accountant. Born in the UK, educated in Sierra Leone, West Africa, and now living in the UK, Yma is divorced with one adult daughter. Passionate about all things African, she is the editor of Prayer for Africa newsletter. Contact:

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